Sep 16, 2011

Never Shout Never - Time Travel (Streaming)

Yea! I'm comin for the news from my favorite one! Never Shout Never!

NeverShoutNever  - Time Travel's official video

Hell yeah! , the new Never Shout Never's album "Time Travel" can be listen now!
You can streaming these new album by click THIS
It's so pretty awesome, and me like it!
and the original album release on 9/20/11

Track list of "Time Travel"

1. Time Travel
2. Awful
3. Silver Ecstasy
4. Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway
5. Robot
6. Until I Die Alone
7. Complex Heart
8. Lost At Sea

For more info about review of Never Shout Never - Time Travel , click HERE

And now i'll give you their video about progress that has been made in Joplin, MO.
This is what they saw..

Well, Never Shout Never's new album is very addictive and much better than drugs!
I love you all, especially Christ! , you have an amazing heart.
For all the songs you write, i can feel the feelings that you pour there.
I love you Christ! I love you Never Shout Never :)


Anonymous said...

heii risty..ini link download album baru Never Shout Never..

Risty Sabbry said...

well, thank you.. tp aku udah pre order albumnya hhe.. but thanks anyway :)

Anonymous said...

iyap. uda liat comment di blog lain klo kamu uda pre-order albumnya
suka yah sama band ini ?
oh iya, albumnya rilis besok kan

Risty Sabbry said...

wah iya? emang liat di blog mana? :)
iya suka bgt sm dia waktu dia msh sendirian hhe..
iya albumnya release besok :D

Anonymous said...

di blog apa lupa namanya, yg postingannya ttg Never Shout Never jg